26 Students of the Methodist University of Kindu trained on the use of the Kindle

20 janvier 2017 Par eastcongoumc

The Kindle is a digital library with more than 560 e-books. The meetings lasted 2 days, from 19 to 20 January 2017. They were facilitated by Pierre Omadjela, Director of Special Projects for ICT4D and Church Initiatives, United Methodist Communications, but also communicator of the Central Conference of Congo.

The Methodist University of Kindu has this moment of over 83 Kindle in its library and several other books. This digital library has more than 300 books for some and more than 560 for others, says the facilitator. As soon as they finish their studies, the future Pastors candidates will go with the Kindle, says the Dean of the Faculty of Theology of the UMK, Rev. Martin Kasongo advised that these students pay $ 10 each year for three years. For him, the use of the Kindle by students of the UMK will allow the latter to be on the same footing as their colleague of Europe as of the USA.

At the opening ceremony, the Dean of the Faculty of Theology of the Methodist University of Kindu, Rev. Dr. Martin Kasongo does a meditation he draws from Proverbs 4: 5-8.
He said he was happy to teach the students. He indicates that God places at the disposal of humans Two things in order to reach the top, it is:
– wisdom and
– intelligence
It puts wisdom and intelligence within everyone’s reach and judges everyone to be able to acquire them. Verse 7 of the 4th chapter of the book of Proverbs tells us to acquire wisdom with all that one possesses. This means that the bill to pay to acquire these two sources of glory and elevation; It is all that we possess of ourselves, will, ambitions, desires, etc. Each of us possesses these riches, but not necessarily money, no one can take them from you. Woe to those who have nothing and who claim wisdom and understanding. What does wisdom and intelligence tell us? The Bible tells us: exalt there and it will raise you up and it will make your glory if you embrace it. Wisdom and intelligence begin with learning. Today we are about to discover them. I hope you will be great in the near future because of what you are going to learn today. That God helps you. Amen