57 years of independence of the DRC: Happy Independence Day to all (Mgr. UNDA YEMBA)

10 juillet 2017 Par Chadrack Londe

On the occasion of the 57th anniversary of the accession of the Democratic Republic of Congo to its sovereignty, both national and international, Msgr. UNDA YEMBA Gabriel Evêque Resident and Legal Representative of the 81st United Methodist Community in the Congo wished a good and happy Independence Day to all the Methodist faithful in particular and all the Congolese in General.

Bishop Unda YEMBA Gabriel. Bishop of East Congo Episcopal Area

« On the occasion of the commemoration of the 57th anniversary of the accession of our dear and beautiful country to national and international sovereignty, I extend best wishes to all of you. May the Lord fill our hearts with His Spirit who gives life to us and makes us truly free. Let us celebrate with thanks and homage to God alone. UNDA YEMBA Gabriel.

Worship of thanksgiving

Also on the occasion of the Independence Day of the Democratic Republic of Congo, a Thanksgiving worship was said on 30 June 2017 at the 5th CELPA Protestant Church. The United Methodist Church was represented by the Reverend KALEMA TAMBWE, Superintendent of the Ecclesiastical District of South Kindu. During this worship, the Reverend KALEMA TAMBWE Antoine retraced the history of the accession of the DRC to its independence.

At the local Francophone church Bethleem

The Faithful of the local Francophone church Bethlehem in the Ecclesiastical District of North Kindu also attended a thanksgiving worship always as part of the celebration of the accession of the DRC to its Independence. Here, the cult has experienced two highlights. First, a briefing on the brief history of independence in the DRC developed by Brother Chadrack Londe, Communicator of the Annual Conference of the Eastern Congo, and subsequently Pastor Felix Okende also made his preaching in the book of  » Exodus 7: 26-27; 14: 23-28. In this sermon he exhorts the faithful to declare without fear to our persecutors, to those who deprive us of our rights, and those who make us suffer, if you refuse to grant us our liberty and our rights; Know that it is you who will perish before us.  »

Okende points out that if God puts an end to our suffering and crying, no one will oppose. No one will and will never win against God.

57 years ago, the Belgian Congo (the current Democratic Republic of the Congo) gained national and international sovereignty. Independence had been acquired in non-violence. The leader of independence, Emery Patrice LUMUMBA then Prime Minister will be assassinated at Elisabeth (Actuel Grand Katanga) on January 17, 1961. May the Lord fill our hearts with his Spirit who vivifies us and makes us really free.