Call to observe the world Sunday of the Migrant

19 octobre 2017 Par eastcongoumc

Brothers and sisters of the United Methodist Church, Grace and peace to you in the name of compassionate Jésus Christ our Lord! I am writing on behalf of our Council of bishops to invite you to observe the world Sunday of the Migrant December 3, 2017. It is the first Sunday of the season of advent, a period during which we remember the coming birth of the baby Jesus, who himself was a migrant. Asia and Europe via Africa and the Americas, the distress of more than 65 million men, women and children who are forced to leave their homes and migrate to unknown locations calls all Christians to remember what God expects us.

Wars, natural disasters, persecution, economic hardship and the growing violence in the world are the main root causes of unprecedented global migration we are witnessing today. As if these deadly forces were not enough, the migrants also face many problems, including the perilous journeys, cultural barriers and the physical and emotional costs in foreign jurisdictions where they are not always Welcome. For most of these migrants, the decision to flee their homeland is only a measure of last resort to survive. We remember Joseph and Mary who sought to save their lives and especially the life of the baby Jesus when they fled to Africa to escape the wrath of the King Hérode (threatened by the birth of Jesus) who ordered the massacre of the children (Matthew 2 (: 13-14). As United Methodists, we believe that the prayers of the people of God can cause the shedding of the mercy and justice of God. As your bishops, we hope very much for the world of the Migrant Sunday December 3, all congregations United Methodists around the world will join their voice to ours to pray for our brothers and sisters who are going down the path of forced migration. In addition, as a people who pray and acts, we ask all our congregations to collect an offering dedicated to the human suffering inflicted by forced migration. The collected offerings should be sent to the Migration Advance No program. 3022144. We express our appreciation to our General agencies who have prepared excellent resources for the world Sunday of the Migrant in English, Arabic, french and Spanish, including prayer we ask to say on 3 December. Jesus said: "when you welcome the stranger, you welcome me. "(Matthew 25:35) welcome our brothers and sisters migrant with compassion, pray constantly for them and give generously so that they also have life. Grace and peace, the Bishop Bruce R. Ough President, Council of Bishops