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East Congo UMC News on Android

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You can also read regular publications of our Episcopal area by downloading official notreapplication by clicking here or even by scanning the code.

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Our Application is not yet available on Google Play Store. As you press on download our Android app you will come into possession of an apk file that allows you to install the application without going through the Google Store.

How to install an .apk on its Android?

The first thing to do before you can install an APK file is to permit installation of applications from unknown sources (understand: who do not come from the Google Store). You can find this option in the 'Security' of your phone settings part. Note that after the installation it is advisable to turn this option off to reduce potential risks.



Once this formality is completed, download your APK file from your terminal or copy it over. Then you just use a file Explorer (whether native or found on the Google Store) to find the file in question. On many devices, you will find an application called 'Downloads' allowing you easy access.

Then click the APK file and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.


Find the complete tutorial on: