Baraka: United Methodist Church puts in place a permanent framework of mediation

26 mai 2017 Par Philippe Lolonga

From 21 to 23 May 2017 it held a workshop seminar on the Pacific conflict management in the Fizi District in Baraka in the annual of the Kivu conference.

Photo Philippe Lolonga, the CAKI Communicator
. Leaders of different tribes in training on the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

The delegates came from communities of the place namely: the Babwari, the Basobwa, the Banyamurenge, the Bembe and the Zimba. The participants had the techniques necessary to peacefully resolve their conflicts between them often. After this workshop seminar a Standing Committee on conflict management was created and installed (made up of five members from different communities).
This seminar workshop participants thanked the Bishop Gabriel Unda for his involvement in the success of its sessions in the Kivu.
The workshop was made possible through the financial support of SPAC.
This workshop is only the first phase of this process. This permanent framework of mediation will begin by identifying all known conflicts and look for how to resolve them peacefully.
With this initiative, the Bishops of Congo-East Region of the United Methodist Church is determined to make its contribution to the pacification of the Kivu, one of the regions of Eastern Congo long scarred by conflict.