Bukavu: Mgr. UNDA visited the General of Panzi hospital

5 juin 2017 Par Chadrack Londe

Staying in the Province of South Kivu, Bukavu where he presided over the work of the annual Conference of the Kivu, Bishop. UNDA YEMBA visited the famous Congolese Doctor Denis MUKWEGE gynecologist medical structure.

(Photo www.adiac-congo.com) V
iew of the General of Panzi hospital

At the end of his visit, the Resident Bishop and legal representative of the Methodist Church to the East of the DRC expresses a sense of joy and astonishment view the immense work shot in this medical structure. "I have the feeling of full satisfaction… congratulations to the initiator. because someone started this initiative until today ' hui several others lend her strong hands "expressed Mgr. UNDA.

He was so moved by the work that is shot by the doctor Denis MUKWEGE to reduce almost ' nothing worth of women victims of violence and of all kind of torture: "I believe we must pray to the Lord that it protects the person who makes this great service to the community and who relieves the woman much"

Why the choice of General of Panzi hospital?

"Panzi is an international renowned hospital" acknowledges Bishop. UNDA, he remembers during one of his trips to the USA, an American had asked him the question to know if he knew the medical structure Panzi: "I said yes, I know Panzi, but also the doctor Denis MUKWEGE, I know also some agents and we even sent our nurses for training in this hospital" says Bishop. UNDA. Therefore, he concluded, he decided to come see what is happening in the Hospital of the man who repairs the women.