Executive Committee of the 7th session of the Annual Conference of Kivu.

15 mai 2019 Par Jolie Shabani

The work of the 7th session of the Kivu Annual Conference began on Friday with the meeting of the Executive Committee.

Bishop Unda's home at the airport

Shortly before the meeting, the faithful mobilized in large numbers to welcome The Bishop. Unda Yemba Gabriel at Goma International Airport. On arrival, songs and dants under the rhythm of the brass band accompanied the motorized caravan to the local Samaria church where the work of the annual conference of Kivu will take place. The Bishop Unda Yemba Gabriel, greeted with pomp, walked over a distance of more than 500 meters on the loins spread by Methodist women. At the church, songs and dances were at the rendezvous. Bishop Unda thanked the faithful for the welcome given to him. He asked them to continue to experience this joy wherever they are.

Executive Committee And Meditation

The Executive Committee meeting was held late on Friday evening. It was preceded by a few minutes of meditations. This meditation was attended by the President of the ECC in the province of North Kivu, Bishop. Levy Mbala Milenge who is also the Chairman of the Sage Committee of the Snode National. We also noted the presence of the few staff members of the Episcopal office, but also the lay leaders of the Annual Conference of Kivu. The preaching was done by the Vv. Mathe Ezekiel, Superintendent of the Ecclesiastical District of Beni. He drew it in the book of Psalms 133: 1-3. In his preaching, the V.R. Mathe Ezekiel explained that God loves to be sung for him. He recalled that to await the arrival of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ had asked his disciples to stay together in a room. That is why on the day the Holy Spirit came upon them, each of them expressed itself in a different language that others could understand. That is why, he explains, today in the church of God, there are several tribes, a good cohabitation for the same purpose, that of worshipping our God and advancing his work. The preacher recommended that during the sittings of the Annual Conference of Kivu, we must have the same thought so that God's work can move forward. As for the work of the Executive Committee itself, the meeting began with the replacement of deceased members and the renewal of members. The roll call of the list of ex-officio was made. After checking the quorum, Bishop. Unda Yemba started with some necessary information. As a result, the resolutions were read, and the members of the Executive Committee decided to proceed only with the reading of the resolutions that were not implemented. The Rev. Kombi Ramazani presented this report on resolutions related to the A, B and C committees, as well as The Ordained Ministries and delegates of the 2020 General and Central Conference. In general 102 resolutions were formulated, of these total number, 32 resolutions were 100% carried out, 9 to less than 50%, 16 to more than 60% and remains at 0%. After analysing the current situation of the United Methodist Church in Eastern Congo and its future, Bishop Unda Yemba Gabriel urged members to work hard to ensure that the church is able to take care of itself. In particular, he spoke of the need to be involved in the success of the $1 contribution, because it is this initiative that can enable the church to make great achievements for its next autonomy. The financial report that could not be presented at this executive committee will be presented during the Conference. #EastCongoEpiscopalUMC