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The Episcopal region of Congo East has read the publication of the New York Times, 14 March 2019, entitled "improper voting discovered at Methodist vote on gay clergy" about the extraordinary General Conference 2019 held in Saint Louis, Mississippi.

In response to this article in the New York Times that the vote was illegal (that an abusive vote was found against our brothers and sisters, LGBTQ clers) at the recent special session of the General Conference of 2019, the United Methodist Church, Episcopal region of Congo is quoted in this article, declares that it is imperative that our readers know t
his: "the Episcopal region of Congo East, is full of three annual conferences dont
1.    The annual Equato orientale2 Conferenc
e.    The annual Southern Conference kiv
u3.    The annual Conference of the Congo East; the only conference that had a staffing problem required at the General Conference for lay delegates alternates. After verifying the possession of the valid passports with the delegates especially that the annual Conference of 2017 had renewed the same delegates for the General Conference of 2019 and therefore there was no vote; the fact that fewer of these delegates had the valid passport, this is how Bishop Gabriel UNDA Yemba had an interview with the Secretary of the General Conference Mr Gary graves during a Council of bishops on the procedure of having lay delegates reservations at this session of 2019. The Secretary of the General Conference had advised the Bishop to organise the elections of the reserve delegates only during the 2018 annual Conference session for the General Conference of 2019; Thus, at the annual Conference in July 2018, the Nominating Committee presented the list of lay people to be voted as a reserve delegate taking into account those who had valid passports. The annual Conference held in July the vote of the lay delegates reserved for the General Conference of 2019, and it was during these meetings that Mr. Germain Mupasa was elected as a reserve delegate and the voting form was forwarded to the Secretariat of the General Conference. On the list of reserved delegates is the name of Germain Mupasa, who was elected as reserve d

elegate. In addition, Germain Mupasa acknowledges having received a phone call asking him for his position at the General Conference, he replied saying "I was voted delegate reserve at the July 2018 session to participate in this special session of the General Conference of 2019, since the titular delegate who is on the list of delegates Mr. Lokale SENGA had missed the visa, and the substitute Mr. Yemba Frédéric had also missed the visa that is why the Episcopal region had appealed to me being elected as a reserve delegate, all because at home in Congo is few people hold the Passport, and the visa by time is problematic, so that in anticipation, if a person misses the visa, that we have the person to replace immediately ", the Episcopal region of Congo East is surprised to be quoted by reading this article from the New York Times written by: Elizabeth Dias, contributed by Margaret Kramer and Jennifer Harlan published this Thursday, March 14, 2019 whose link is: fbclid = IwAR26rXBTHZRVHTpvR0P315TVcCTKLXvGKjRKz_4o1zDjEEAaLuagneQ0d48

It is important to remember that we can never betray our loyalty, we cling to our discipline, and respect it. The quota
tion below made to the delegate reserve Germain Mupasa: "Germain UNDA Mupasa said in a phone interview that he was a delegate for East Congo, where his father is Bishop Gabriel Yemba UNDA." His name is on the attendance record, but not on the authorized list of delegates or reserves. Records on the United Methodist website show that he was not elected as a delegate or alternate when the Church community in East Congo decided its delegation last year.
" If my name was not on that list, it means my name was missed, "Mr. Mupasa said. "In Africa, we can have many reserves, because there are visa issues." "and asks for the withdrawal of this paragraph and does not recognise this quotation in the head of his reserve delegate elected Ge
rmain Mupasa. we wish to clarify that Bishop Gabriel UNDA Yemba had not brought his son to harm one camp or the other at the General Conference extraordinary, it is confirmed that Mr. Germain Mupasa was indeed elected as reserve delegate of the annual Conference of the Congo East during the elections held in July 2018.
It should also be noted that Germain Mupasa is also a member at the table of the World Youth Division of the United Methodist Church.

Communication Department of the

Eastern Congo Episcopal region

Judith Osongo yanga.