EMU/Central Africa: Evangelizing children through the gift boxes

22 juillet 2017 Par Chancelvye Petula

Late last June, Operation Christmas Child, SDO in acronym made delivery of certificate of end of formation of the children of the Church temple Bethel of Bangui, District of Bangui is, in the Methodist Mission in Central African Republic. (Photo Chancelvye Petula) Children who received the gifts the goal of the training, according to the Regional Coordinator of the SDO, is to evangelize children using gift boxes. All children are allowed and have the right to get the gifts, but with regard to patents, only children whose ages range from 8 to 14 years old can have patents indicates Léon BANDAKETTE. The training was facilitated by the instructor of the Sunday school, in acronym ECODIM. She focused her teachings in order to evangelize children reflecting the love of Jesus Christ for discipleship for these young children. in total, 72 children benefited these gifts. Gratitude for the beneficiaries wonder MBOUGBIALA is an orphan; After receiving his gift, she missed words to express his gratitude "God bless the Methodist Church for thinking of us giving us this gift box" said. As wonder, Saint Pierre DOMANGO also held to thank the EMU "I don't know how SDO (Editor's Note: Operation Christmas Child) for thinking of our children by giving them gift boxes" Operation Christmas Child has even included the children of no Methodist parents, Michaël DEGHOTO brothers Evangelist Church has itself also to express its gratitude to the United Methodist Church mission of the RCA for the initiative and especially to have help her child to receive Jesus Christ "words for the surprise that EMU Mission RCA did to our children by offering gifts."