Executive Committee of the Congo Annual conference is 2017-2018

24 juillet 2018 Par Chadrack Londe

The opening cult of the executive Committee of the annual Congo conference was attended by Bishop UNDA Yap, several clergy and lay members of the Executive Committee of the Annual Conference of Congo East.   This opening cult has been preached by Reverend Martin Kam of the local church called Salama. His preaching focused on the reconstruction of the church. He called his preaching "with what materials we build the episcopal region of the Congo is" which he shot in the Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians 3:9-17. The preacher says that since 2012, God had inspired His Excellency Bishop. Unda who had told him to ask each member to stand up and build the episcopal region according to the Word of God in Nehemiah. Seven years later, we can ask ourselves what we have done with this vision, the preacher wonders. He adds that often there is a difficulty, it is the building materials. You can use any material depending on the means and what you want to have as works. But everyone's work will be tested by fire. If one builds with flammable materials, some is the beauty of the work, the woods, straw or stubbles will be charred and many will find themselves sidelined and unworthy of any blessing because the work will have indicated that the job was poorly Done. The preacher concluded by saying that all the punishments we give ourselves in the construction of the Lord's work must take into account the material used. Not to mention that the trial or even the test will be the fire. Executive Committee The Executive Committee is a framework for evaluating the performance of activities during an ecclesiastical year with verification of the implementation rate of last year's recommendations or resolutions. During these assizes, various information was given by MGR. Unda after the quorum check. The report of the Director of the Connexionnel Ministry was presented by Reverend Oak BONIFACE. The calendar of the Conference was presented. Other issues to be dealt with during this executive Committee were referred to the annual conference for lack of time. This is for example the presentation of the report of the Treasurer General and the report of the statistics. It should be noted that during this executive committee, Bishop Unda Yap spoke on several other important aspects before reverting to the success of the $1 contribution operation in the annual conference of the Eastern Provinces and Ecuador. While reminding that the money contributed by the faithful will not be used by the Episcopal office. These funds will help support projects for the reconstruction of each annual conference. During this executive committee, MGR. UNDA has warned that anyone who dares to divert the $1 contribution funds will suffer the rigor of its severity. The Executive Committee was held until 7 p.m. 18 minutes. The work of the annual Congo conference will begin this Tuesday, July 24, 2018 at 10 o'clock with an opening cult at the local church Tokolote. The annual Congo East Conference is one of the three conferences of the Eastern Congo Episcopal region. Located in the Province of Maniema (east of Dr Congo), the CACE is composed of 7 Districts including Kindu North and south, Kalima, Kam-Samba, Punica, Tunda and Kibombo. Find photos with photo album on Facebook