Fifth day of the Congo Annual Conference is: plenary

2 août 2018 Par Chadrack Londe

The superintendent of the South Kindu District, the DS KALEMA TAMBWE. Photo by Hammanna Londe. /Caption   The work of the 6th session of the Congo's annual conference is continuing this Saturday, July 28, 2018. Open, Tuesday, July 24, this work is expected to close on July 29, 2018. The Assizes are held at the local church of Tokolote Motomoto and are presided over by Bishop Unda Yap, a lifelong bishop of the United Methodist Church in the eastern Congo. The fifth day experienced the preaching of the DS KALEMA TAMBWE. He made his readings in the books of Genesis 21:22, Exodus 17:8-16, Deuteronomy 2:1-2, Luke 18:22. The subject of preaching is the Union of servants brings strength into the church. From the first reading, taking the example of Abraham, the preacher sums up that we can not work well if God is not with us. In the second reading, the preacher draws the lesson that in everything we do associate God for success. He took the example of the Israelites with Moses in the war against Amalek. We must avoid small problems, avoid working in a superficial way in all the areas that we are affected or that we find ourselves. We have been in several commissions, in several committees, but things are not moving forward. Now we have to get up and move on. We have stagnated where we are a long time ago. Now we have to decide to move forward. No one was born a Christian, we were all born pagans. Now we have to get up and move on. We must hold the hands of MGR. Unda as was the case of Moses, so that our episcopal region could move forward. The actual work of the annual conference started with the evaluation of the contribution of $1 in various Districts, so the verification was made local church by local church. After assessment, the District of KINDU Sud was first in the contribution followed by KINDU Nord. During the course of these proceedings, after the hearing of the reports of the work in committee which continued and the evaluation of the contribution of $1, the work was suspended to carry out the bicycles and a motorcycle.  So Districts had two, other three or four bikes and the South Kindu district had a motorbike for having been the first district on the contribution list of $1 per month and by loyal. Mr. Georges Howard of GBGM came from the USA congratulated the Congo for the initiative of the contribution of $1 per month and by faithful. He thinks that we all have to participate in the construction of the United Methodist Church. The work of the Conference continued until late in the evening with the plenary.