Fourth day of the annual conference of the Congo is: work in committee

30 juillet 2018 Par Chadrack Londe

The DS KALEMA TAMBWE talking about the preparations for 100naires of the United Methodist Church in the Congo is, just after the intervention of Professor Jacqueline LOHAHE who is in charge of the preparations for the centennial. Photo by Hammanna Londe. /Caption   The work of the 6th session of the Congo's annual conference is continuing this Friday, July 27, 2018. Open, Tuesday, July 24, this work is expected to close on July 29, 2018. The Assizes are held at the local church of Tokolote Motomoto in the northern Kindu district and are presided over by Bishop Unda Yap, a lifelong bishop of the United Methodist Church in the eastern Congo. Opening cult The opening cult of the fourth day of the Conference has been the preaching of the Reverend Véronique Brenda. She drew her preaching in the book of John 21:1-14. The theme of his preaching is "work with Jesus Christ" in his preaching, she says that we must work very hard in advancing the work of God. We have to avoid distractions. Let us work together with God's guidance so that we come to the desired results. She urged the faithful to know how to contribute with $1 per month and by faithful and build our episcopal region. The preacher recalls that there will come a time when the US and other partners are no longer going to help us financially. We must therefore develop mechanisms that could allow the Church of Christ to move forward. The preacher spoke of taking as a model the disciples of Jesus Christ who had resumed their work. Professor Jacqueline LOHAHE in charge of preparations for the centennial of the United Methodist Church in the East Congo. Photo by Hammanna Londe. /Caption Presentation on the preparations for the centenary of 2022 to Tunda. By Professor Jacqueline Luhahe. She works in this area of preparations with the Reverend KALEMA TAMBWE. The pretty Dorai CT was chosen as the Secretary-Rapporteur. She began by pointing out that her work in the centennial preparations will focus on the following points:

  1. Redevelopment of the 1300 metre long airplane runway
  2. Rehabilitation of houses and villas to ensure accommodation and lodging of delegates.
  3. Rehabilitation of the temple of the Tunda mission and the site of the boarding schools
  4. Water source development and Tunda Water tower
  5. Tunda Mission Lighting
  6. Installing the Internet
  7. Livestock Breeding
  8. Field Culture
  9. Rehabilitation of the Kibombo Lomame road axis which will be taken over by the government.

She thinks that this nine points still remain general, we must work on this nine points in order to develop them to ensure good preparations for the centenary of 2022. Ask people to work on commissions. Each committee should elect its own committee with a structure, a president, a vice-President and a secretary. The commissions should adopt pragmatic strategies that could mobilize financial resources to ensure the success of the centennial. She also proposed that in each parish there be a basket of offerings. Each Christian had to start offering 200 CDF every Sunday. Committees will be made up of volunteers. These commissions are perceived as follows: Commission for the redevelopment of the 1300-metre-long aircraft runway Rehabilitation Commission houses for lodging and lodging of delegates. Committee for the rehabilitation of the temple and the boarding Schools Committee for the Development of Water sources Commission for the lighting of the Mission Commission for the Installation of the Internet Cattle Breeding Commission Commission for the Culture of Fields Commission of the rehabilitation of the road axis Kibombo Lomame which will be taken over by the government. This Commission should be mixed composed of members of the church. Awareness of the voting machine during these assizes, delegates also experienced the use of the voting machine. Before moving on to computer-based simulation, delegates were built on the innovations contained in the new electoral law and the major dates of the overall election calendar. Many delegates from the ecclesiastical districts of the deep Maniema have everything for their first faith the voting machine and choose the leaders through a computer-based vote simulation. A stripping was done on the spot. This Friday the delegates also met in committee. Back from the commissions, the plenary started before being suspended to resume this Saturday.