Eradicate poverty, diseases by improving health worldwide

When people cover health, their life changes. This area of focus concerns the United Methodists to prevent the greatest damage caused by poverty: disease. It calls us, urgently, to relieve the pain and suffering of the poor in the world and of all those who do not have access to healthcare within the reach of their scholarship. John Wesley had a passion for Ministry to the poor. He has taught in his book 'Primitive Physick"published in 1741 and in other speeches that health and well-being have a spiritual dimension. By this area of focus, we want to:

  • Deploy new missionaries for the health in the world in addition to the existing medical missions in Africa, Asia and Latin America;
  • Inform the people United Methodist of questions on health worldwide through matches, presentations, meetings and conferences;
  • Set up stations radio stations independent to deal with social, spiritual and medical topical issues, particularly in Africa;
  • Create conditions for annual conferences are more involved in advocacy for the health issues affecting men, such as access to health care, diseases and infant mortality;
  • List of health professionals and nurses and nurses of the local churches in every annual conference to support the Church's efforts to improve health in the world.
  • Rehabilitation of infrastructure of the health care system of the United Methodist Church in Africa.