Opening of the proceedings of the annual conference of the Kivu

3 juin 2017 Par eastcongoumc

It opened this Friday 02 June 2017 in Bukavu in South Kivu province, the work of the annual conference of Kivu in the Episcopal area of East Congo. The Conference began with the Executive Committee of the annual conference, which dealt with the agenda of the annual conference, the General view of the activities of the districts throughout the year as well as the general health of the Church in this conference. In the three days are held the conference under the Presidency of Bishop. UNDA YEMBA Gabriel, Bishop the Church United Methodist, Episcopal area of the Congo is Resident.
The CAKI is one of three annual conferences of the Episcopal area of East Congo. It consists of 4 districts which are: Uvira, Goma, Fizi and blessed.

(Photo Philippe Lolonga)
Mgr. UNDA YEMBA trying to preside over the Foundation of the annual Conference of the Kivu within the local Church of Ibanda in Bukavu.

These three-day meetings are an opportunity for delegates to assess the market of the Methodist Church United in this entity of the Episcopal area of East Congo. It is during his opening speech, Bishop Gabriel Unda Yemba was spoke on the roaming of the DS and pastors in our Episcopal area

Opening ceremony:

A cult of openness has sanctioned the beginning of the annual Conference of the Kivu. The opening sermon has been said by the Rev. OMBA bolt ODINGA under the theme "the difficulty of listening to and joy to listen with application of what you heard"; reading in the book of Genesis 7: 1-6, 19: 15-17
In his opening remarks, Mgr. UNDA YEMBA Gabriel presented his thanks to the Lord God for his protection, as well as thanks to the faithful of the Episcopal area of the Congo is for the brilliant victory in the elections and the trust give him today, makes him Bishop for life. He then addressed the major decisions of the recent Council of bishops. He finally gave the new methodology for the annual conference and talked about the roaming of the servants of God within our Episcopal area.

Presentation of the reports of the Districts:
In the annual Conference of the Kivu, throughout this year, there was open the new blocks and construction of new churches in some Districts. He had also the land purchase or concessions to the Church in other districts. Several baptisms of the faithful are also reported, weddings have been celebrated. As a result of the insecurity that prevails in the Middle, some circuits and or local churches have not been visited by the DS. Other pastors have failed their place of designation.
It is from secular driver report, several activities of the young men and women in all districts, there has been funding and implementation of several projects in the conferences of the Kivu. The day ended with the distribution of delegates in commissions.