Fourth day of the Kivu Annual Conference: Committee work

17 juin 2019 Par Jolie Shabani

The work of the 7th Annual Conference session of Kivu continued on Monday at the local Samaria Office. After the meditation, the delegates met in committee.

Meditation of the day: Jesus is the answer to our problems

The opening meditation of the annual conference of Kivu was the preaching of the Rev. Paul Ketoka Lokondo. He drew his preaching in the books of John 21:5-6 and James 4:17 under the theme: Jesus is the answer to our problems. Be an answer to the problems of others like the Good Samaritan, like Jesus and his disciples who had fished all night without having anything. Like Elisha who solved the problems of a young man whose axe was soaked in water. As a Christian who follow Jesus Christ, you must be a solution to any problem that arises with you or in your surroundings. At home, in the church, in society where you are in your Conference and Episcopal region, for it is said that he who knows how to do good and if he does, he commits a sin as it is written in James 4:17. If we practice what we learn, the 1 dollar we will contribute in view of our statistics will solve the problem of buying church land, mentoring orphans, finding solution to the communication file and doing this Jesus will and our episcopal region will move forward.

Committee work.

Delegates from the 7th session of the Kivu Annual Conference have just returned to committee. Commission A, which deals with secular activities, consist of men, women and young Methodists Commission B deals with the following points: – Evangelism Committee, Church Growth and Mission – Worship and Music – Christian Education – Committee of health. Committee C deals with the following points: – finance and budget, – committee of agro-pastoral, project and development, – pension. And the last committee D deals with the following points: – General Education Committee and Scholarships, – Committee construction, Housing and transport, – Committee history, State of the Church and Heritage, – Committee of Literature, – Committee of Religion and Race: GCORR.

Other facts

My Lord Bishop Unda has invited his Chief of Staff to talk about how the assessment will be done. He emphasized the assessment of what last year's $1 contributions did. Thus, for greater transparency, the evaluation will be made from the basis where the contributions were made, up to the level of cash that received payments. Our missionary Collins left Goma on Monday to return to Kinshasa. Before he left, the Rev. Omole presented him with a gift on behalf of the Annual Conference of Kivu.