Fourth day of the 5th session of the annual Conference of the East Congo: presentation of the resolutions of the Commission in plenary 

16 juillet 2017 Par Chadrack Londe

The work of the 5th session of the annual Conference of the East Congo continued this Saturday, July 15, 2017. The day focused more to the plenary for the work in the Committee but also to the submission of a single report remaining of the Treasurer of the annual Conference of the Congo is [caption id = "" align = "alignnone" width = "1080"] (Photo. Henry Londe) presentation of the resolutions in plenary [/caption]

Meditation of the day

The sermon of the day given by the Reverend Kingombe Lutala Clement, Superintendent of district of Goma in the annual Conference of the Kivu, was shot in the books of 1 Kings 19: 1-4, and Luke 1: 13-17. "Do not rebuke an evil, Satan may accomplish his work" is the topic of the day. The preacher says to the Church, if we blame our neighbors not their faults or bad, this may escalate and make sure the Church is tarnished. The neglect of these small mistakes can lead to large errors. Where, says the preacher, when something doesn't work, we must denounce. The United Methodist faithful must learn to toner and denounce high and very different headaches tarnish the image of the Church and the glory of God. (Photo. Henry Londe) Mgr. UNDA Yemba Gabriel, Bishop of the Episcopal area of East Congo, President the 5th session of the annual Conference of the Congo is 2017


After hearing the report of the Treasurer of the East Congo annual conference, the president of the sitting Bishop Gabriel UNDA YEMBA announced the beginning of the plenary for different commission in order to bring out the resolutions that will be implemented for the new ecclesiastical year. Thus on the 14 commissions, 9 of them were followed and several resolution out there namely the continuity of scholarships for this new in the district of Kalima in children who received the award last year, the plenary vote evangelism in our Pygmy friends, respect for every human being creature sacred to God, acceptance of the candidacy of Fr. Freddy Yemba to fill the application of missionary, the availing of canvas project at the door of all, monitoring of the contribution of $ 1 per student, organizing Evangelistic campaigns throughout the districts, for quoted only this. The plenary was suspended at 9 p.m. by the president of the foundation that announces the continuation of the work this Sunday with reading report of the resolutions Committee, the Committee of the ordained Ministry and the County of literature; the vote of the delegates of the Extra ordinary 2019 General Conference. It is also expected the drafting of the memory as a reminder of our brothers who died during the Church year, as well as the amendment of certain sections of the book of discipline. Started on July 12, the work of the supposed annual Conference last four days was opened by Bishop. UNDA YEMBA Gabriel, Bishop resident the Episcopal area of East Congo. It should be noted that the annual Conference is a session of evaluation activities within the districts, agencies and departments. This is a session that allows to know the general health of the Methodist Church, United in a conference annual (blocks, local churches, Circuits, Districts, agencies, departments). During these meetings, the Bishop also makes Episcopal designations and General superintendents, pastors of local churches, head of Department… the annual Conference delegates also elect representatives to the General Conference and Conference Central. The annual Conference of the Eastern Congo is one of the three conferences of the Episcopal area of East Congo. Located in the Province of Maniema (East of the DR Congo), the effective is made up of 7 Districts including Kindu North and South, Kalima, Samba Kasongo, Punia, Tunda and Kibombo.