Episcopal area of the Congo is bringing food aid to the prisoners in the central prison in Kindu.

30 mai 2017 Par Chadrack Londe

Two Districts of the annual Conference of the East Congo: Kindu North and kindu South three days in Kindu, either from 04 to 06 may 2017, organized a campaign of evangelization and fundraising and food products to feed the inmates of the central prison in Kindu. More than 400 prisoners from the prison in Kindu have been beneficiaries.

(Judith Osongo ph
oto) The residents of the Central Prison in Kindu in full worship ceremony of food products.

Five bags of rice, two bags of beans, cassava flour bag, a bag of maize flour, 45 litres of palm oil, 20 kg of meat of cow and other are given food products this Sunday, may 7, 2017 to the inmates of the central prison in Kindu. Long before actual delivery, the Reverend KALEMA n, Superintendent of the District of Kindu South delivered a sermon from the Gospel according to Matthew 25: 31-40.

"Because I was hungry, and you gave me food; I was thirsty, and you gave me drink; I was a stranger, and you have raised me; " Matthew 25: 35

The Reverend KALEMA n informed the prisoners that this food aid is the result of a three-day campaign organized by the United Methodist Church in East Congo, Department of evangelization.

This campaign was held from 04 to 06 may 2017 to Kindu central gallery under the theme "I saw you; I saw what did you; "I come down to get you up". Among the speakers, we had three days: of the local Church's Reverend Martin Kasongo cited Salama, the Reverend KETOKA LOKONDO Paul General Treasurer of the East Congo Episcopal area and the Reverend PUTCHU of the local church Basoko ALEMBO.