The construction of Maman Lynn Center began

20 juin 2017 Par Chadrack Londe

Model of the Maman Lynn Center

Work of construction of the Center MOM Lynn has started since this early June 2017. So after the official launch of tender in May this year, several companies had applied including the Tunda Foundation’s is so the Tunda Foundation has been selected, after publication of the offer in local radio. The duration of the work is five months says the Coordinator of the Foundation. The Center MOM Lynn will be a shelter for women who have survived the war in Eastern Congo women victims of violence of any kind; a way for the Methodist Church to restore their hope for their reintegration in society. The total cost of the work amounts to 373.673,57 thousand US dollars.

Conferences in Tennessee, Memphis and California Pacific of the United Methodist Church work in collaboration with the Diocese of Congo is for the construction of this Center through « Congo Women Arise » three annual conferences have raised funds for the construction of the centre while the United Methodist youth in Kindu brings its expertise in the manufacturing of bricks in support of the program.

Thanks to the central MOM Lynn, women will be trained on generating income and self care such as sewing, cooking… to enable them to meet the needs.

(Ph. Henry Londe) Honourable Chief Tunda Prosper, President of the Board of Directors of the Foundation Tunda.

Four buildings will be built

The Tunda Foundation is the company that won the market for the construction of the Center MOM Lynn. In place at the site, engineers, Masons and moms who have decided to bring water that can be used to build… are mobilizing for the success of the work.

Head Tunda Prosper is the President of the Board of Directors of the Foundation Tunda, it indicates that four buildings will be built on this place: « the first building is administrative. It will be the office of the centre manager, computer desk, stewardship, the office of the storekeeper and a restaurant, as well as a deposit; The second and the third building will be dormitories that will each have 10 rooms with toilets inside; A large meeting room is the fourth building which will be built « specifically, this meeting room will be able to accommodate meetings, training workshops, marriage ceremonies: » the room will be used especially to the training of women who have survived sexual violence which will be the first beneficiaries of these training courses. These women are isolated and are often frustrated and are not reflected in the community.

Similarly, during the war, the girls returned with pregnancies which they know even by the author, because having been violated by several men to the faith. It’s Center will be an ideal environment for the recovery of these women to enable them to integrate into society and they feel valued « said Tunda. This Center will not only support women in the province of Maniema, but several other provinces in the East of the Congo located in the diocese.

The Congo Episcopal area is has three annual conferences and one mission of the Central African Republic. Everything is ready, an advance of 30% was made to the Tunda Foundation. All materials for the major works are findable at Kindu; « we will therefore not difficulties on this side here » reassures Tunda.