Third day of work of the 5th session of the annual Conference of the East Congo: work in Committee

14 juillet 2017 Par Chadrack Londe

Officially launched on Wednesday, July 12, 2017, the work of the annual Conference of the East Congo are on the third day this Friday, July 14, 2017. After the daily meditation and a break, the delegates met in various commissions.

Between you and me who is bad? The morning meditation was made by the Reverend SHAKO bolt ODINGA. He pulled his preaching in the book of Isaiah 5: 2-7. An inquiry for all the leaders to see how we exercise the Lord service to others. We always do a retrospective on everything to know you and the other is bad. Everything that happens to you today with you and God that is bad? (Picture Henry Londe) Pastor Shako bolt Odinga in full preaching at the 5th session of the Conference "Conference annual of the Congo is 2017 [/caption] work in commission three committees are organized and distributed in several committees (around 14).

  • The Commission is composed of agencies, men, women, and the United Methodist youth.
  • B commission includes several committees including:
  • Pension;
  • Evangelism, growth and life of the Church;
  • Housing, construction and transport;
  • History of the Church, State and heritage;
  • Agro-pastoral and project.
  • Health
  • The commission includes the following committees:
  • Literature;
  • General education (primary, secondary, University teaching as well as scholarships)
  • Ordained Ministry
  • Religion and race;
  • Construction;
  • Church and society;
  • Finance and Budget.

These commissions have given different report as their reference material in order to highlight information and resolutions that will drive the new ecclesiastical year. The commissions met until late in the evening. One of these work in Committee plenary is expected to draw guidelines that will drive the new year Church conference. Started on July 12, the work of the supposed annual Conference last four days was opened by Bishop. UNDA YEMBA Gabriel, Bishop resident the Episcopal area of East Congo. It should be noted that the annual Conference is a session of evaluation activities within the districts, agencies and departments. This is a session that allows to know the general health of the Methodist Church, United in a conference annual (blocks, local churches, Circuits, Districts, agencies, departments). During these meetings, the Bishop also makes Episcopal designations and General superintendents, pastors of local churches, head of Department… the annual Conference delegates also elect representatives to the General Conference and Conference Central. The annual Conference of the Eastern Congo is one of the three conferences of the Episcopal area of East Congo. Located in the Province of Maniema (East of the DR Congo), the effective is made up of 7 Districts including Kindu North and South, Kalima, Samba Kasongo, Punia, Tunda and Kibombo.