Mgr. David YEMBA assists residents of Kindu central prison food

20 octobre 2017 Par Chadrack Londe

300 cups of rice, 150 cups of beans, 10 litres of palm oil, 7 boxes of tomatoes, 1 kg of the oigneaux and salt 1gobelet these are the supplies that were given this Friday to residents of Central Kindu (Province of Maniema prison Is the DRC.) Funds for the purchase of these food whose cost is $ 100, were sent by the Bishop to retire, Mgr. David Yemba kekomba of the Episcopal area of the Central Congo, who ran all of the central conference of the Congo including the part which is now a new Episcopal area. In the prison House, more than 400 residents have preached by Pastor Nyenda Oberoi of the local church Tokolote Bike bike. He pulled his preaching in the book of Matthew 25:35. Speaking to the prisoners, he said to them: "Whether you are among those who have committed offences or not, I suggest you just ask forgiveness of the Lord God of mercy", "God will ensure that you be released one day." says – it. "And even if you are unfairly detained, all I ask you, is simply to continue to pray, to forgive those who are at the origin of your detention; do not have backlogs thoughts, for example one to want revenge after your liberation."did he said. Révérénd Nyenda Oberoi Preaching in the central prison of Kindu. Next to him, Methodist Women Congo come to the discount food to prisoners. (ph. Henry Londe) on the side of the inmates of the central prison in Kindu, is a phew of relief, because said clinic Kangali, President of prisoners, these supplies will allow them to cover the daily food ration of all inmates . He appreciates the United Methodist Church, because making party, according to him, churches including the faithful think more help to this House of detention through the audience in food. Inside view of the central prison of Kindu [/] The last large support of the Methodist Church in the central prison of Kindu dates back to May 2017. It had intervened after a campaign of three days in the central gallery of Kindu. The funds raised during this campaign organized by the Districts Kindu North and South were used for the purchase of food given to the prisoners and sentenced in the central prison in Kindu. It's as well as five bags of rice, two bags of beans, cassava flour bag, a bag of maize flour, 45 litres of palm oil, 20 kg of meat of cow and others are there foods that had received them.