CACE: JPC Kindu South determined to reinvigorate classes younger

4 juin 2017 Par Chadrack Londe

(picture Henry Londe)
The children of the JPC Cadet of the local Church City Salama class.

The JPC Kindu South is determined during the Church year 2017-2018 to open and revitalize the JPC Cadet classes. According to Hervé Tshoso, President of the JPC Kindu South to succeed this operation, the implementation strategy is to go gradually with the implementation. That's why points out there, drivers open classes are organized at the local city Salama and Amani Kasuku city church. The positives of the experience will be used and reflected in the gradual revitalization of other classes of the JPC Cadet breast Kindu South District, says Hervé Tchoso.

Teach children to know God from an early age.

The age of the children in question varies between 3 and 12 years. The JPC Cadet management programs will be used by instructors to provide carefully selected teaching and encourage children to take an interest from an early age in the religious culture. The objective is also to prepare these children become active youth within the youth for Christ. The JPC Cadet classes will be thus held every Sunday in the two sites pending revitalization of other classes in the 22 churches of Kindu South District. Kindu South part of seven ecclesiastical districts in the annual Conference of the East Congo. The six other Districts are North Kindu, Kibombo, Samba Kasongo, Tunda, Punia and Kalima.

Henry Londe's Communicator of the annual Conference of the East Congo