Fifth day of the 5th Annual Conference of the Congo is: voting delegates

17 juillet 2017 Par Chadrack Londe

After having been suspended on Saturday, July 16, 2017, the work of the 5th session of the annual Conference of the Congo resumed this Monday, July 17, 2017. The day was dedicated to the vote of the delegates to the Conference meeting 2019, vote and constitutional amendment of certain articles of the book of discipline of the United Methodist Church and the reading of the resolutions of the Conference.

Meditation of the day

The sermon of the day given by the Reverend Kingombe Lutala Clement, Superintendent of district of Goma in the annual Conference of the Kivu, was shot in the books of exodus 33: 12-18, II Corinthian 12: 8-11 "acknowledge your weaknesses and come to the Lord and he will rescue you" is the subject developed by the preacher. He points out in his preaching that we are all spiritually weak. Some people only recognize the weaknesses of others. The Bible tells us that before we go meet with Pharaoh, Moses had acknowledged his weakness related to his tongue which was slow in language and feared to go meet with Pharaoh, but the Lord reassured him and he was able to talk to the King of Egypt and free the people of Israel. This means that if we recognize our weaknesses, we have a chance to have the help of the Lord. Several personalities in the Bible have recognized their weaknesses and the Lord rescued. Jeremiah, the Apostle Paul… they all acknowledged their weaknesses. As these examples, I urge you to come with your weaknesses before God himself who is our Lord, he's going to rescue you.

Voting delegates to the extraordinary CG 2019

The 5th session of the CACE delegates voted for the renewal of the delegates from 2016 to the extraordinary General Conference scheduled in 2019 on human sexuality. The delegates also proceeded to the vote on the constitutional amendment of certain sections of the book of discipline of the United Methodist Church. Starting on Wednesday, July 12, 2017, the 5th session of the CACE of 2017 will probably end this Tuesday, July 18, 2017. It should be noted that the annual Conference is a session of evaluation activities within the districts, agencies and departments. This is a session that allows to know the general health of the Methodist Church, United in a conference annual (blocks, local churches, Circuits, Districts, agencies, departments). During these meetings, the Bishop also makes Episcopal designations and General superintendents, pastors of local churches, head of Department… the annual Conference delegates also elect representatives to the General Conference and Conference Central. The annual Conference of the Eastern Congo is one of the three conferences of the Episcopal area of East Congo. Located in the Province of Maniema (East of the DR Congo), the effective is made up of 7 Districts including Kindu North and South, Kalima, Samba Kasongo, Punia, Tunda and Kibombo.