Central Congo: Installation of Bishop. Daniel Lunge Onashuyaka

22 mai 2017 Par eastcongoumc

Kinshasa, May 21, 2017 (ACP).-Archbishop. Daniel Lunge Onashuyaka was installed Saturday as the Bishop of the Central region Kongo in the presence of all the old retired bishops of this community, enjoying also the Bishop-resident status and legal representative of the community ECC/28th of this church.

The ceremony was chaired by the Bishop Gabriel Unda East Congo Episcopal area, assisted by Bishop. Tambo Nkula, retired Bishop, in the presence of the authorities political and administrative of the DRC and of many of the faithful and supporters who met in the Cathedral of the protestant Centennial in Kinshasa. Mgr. Gabriel Unda relied on the doctrine of John Wesley (religious experience relating to the practice of the virtues, acts of piety etc.), founder of the Protestant sect of the Methodists in 1729. He first rented the winner for his qualities as a man of God and urged him to take care of the growth of the Church and of the development of this community. Speaking on this occasion, Mgr. Lunge Onashuyaka said very excited by the fact, and taking into account the vastness of the divine work, he has placed emphasis on the moral rearmament and sought the collaboration of all Christians before blessing them. Mgr. Daniel Onashuyaka, groggy midlife, is a doctor of theology, Professor University Patrice Emery Lumumba (UPEL) of Wembonyamba, in the province of the Sankuru, where he was Dean of the Faculty of theology. Married and father of family. Originally from Emongo to Lubefu/Sankuru, his bishopric is rather in Kinshasa. It is the 4th black Bishop of the region of Central Congo since independence of the DRC to date, particularly after Mgrs. Shungu, Onema Fama and Kekumba Yemba. The EMUCO Congo United Methodist Church subdivision is divided into 4 main Episcopal regions: the Episcopal area of the Central Congo including the old provincesde Kinshasa, Bandundu, Bas-Congo, Kasai-Occidental and Kasaï Oriental; the Episcopal area of the Congo – is filled with the former provinces of Kivu, of the Maniema, Orientale province, Ecuador until Central Africa; Episcopal the North-Katanga region encompassing the northern part of the ex-Katanga Episcopal the South-Katanga region including the southern part of the ex-Katanga until Zambia and Tanzania. Each Episcopal area is headed by a Bishop elected in what is called the Central Conference of the Congo of the Methodist Church United. This central conference during which 3 new Bishops were elected was held from 15 to 21 March 2017, and a single former re-elected including their presentation took place during this ceremony.  ACP/Zng/JGD Source: Agency Congolese press http://acpcongo.com/