Second day of the 5th Annual Conference of the Congo is: hearing various reports

13 juillet 2017 Par Chadrack Londe

The work of the 5th session of the annual Conference of East Congo, CACE in acronym, was opened officially by Archbishop. UNDA this Wednesday 12 July 2017 at the local church Tokolote Bike-bike in the clergyman of Kindu North District. More than 450 delegates from the 7 districts of the CACE take part in these meetings of four days. (Photo. Judith Osongo) family photo with delegates to the annual Conference of the Eastern Congo after the cult of openness. [/caption] The time of grace is here, don't miss not the second day began with an early morning exhortation drawn in several books: Mark 9: 1-10, 2 Kings 1: 9-10 and 2 Corinthians 13:14. The preacher of the day, the Rev. Kingombe Clement, Superintendent of the District of Goma, "the time of grace isn't there, don't miss" is the theme developed by the preacher. In this meditation, he urged the people of God to take all these time of grace to better prepare to inherit the Kingdom of heaven. Let us not be distracted in the face of this grace is granted. We must take advantage of this grace to work better and be in perfect harmony to our Creator to rejoice at the last day.

The second day was also devoted to the presentation of the reports. The report of the General Treasury, coordinating health, through education, the Department of communication and publication, Board, community development and project coordination for eventually education Christian and pastoral school as well as the report of the coordination of youth; all these reports were accepted and sent to work in the Committee.

Participants in various meetings outside and within the Episcopal area of East Congo also presented their reports. This is how the participants followed the report of the delegates of the Central Conference of Congo, which is held in Kamina in March; the report on participation in the meeting of the General Board of Global Ministries (General Board of global ministries) to which took part the Reverend Lohalo; Return on the meeting of the Standing Committee to the what took part the Honourable leader Tunda; the delegates have also auditioned for the report of the training workshop District superintendents, drivers lay and evangelists of the annual Conferences held in Kisangani on the methodology of evangelism in a conflict and post-conflict area. The work of the 5th session of the annual Conference of the Congo is in this second day continued until late in the evening. It should be noted that the annual Conference is a session of evaluation activities within the districts, agencies and departments. This is a session that allows to know the general health of the Methodist Church, United in a conference annual (blocks, local churches, Circuits, Districts, agencies, departments). During these meetings, the Bishop also makes Episcopal designations and General superintendents, pastors of local churches, head of Department… the annual Conference delegates also elect representatives to the General Conference and Conference Central. The annual Conference of the Eastern Congo is one of the three conferences of the Episcopal area of East Congo. Located in the Province of Maniema (East of the DR Congo), the effective is made up of 7 Districts including Kindu North and South, Kalima, Samba Kasongo, Punia, Tunda and Kibombo.