JPC/CAKI: Six young people injured in an accident

3 février 2018 Par Philippe Lolonga

Within the framework of the Ministry of Youth for Christ in Kivu, young people often organize themselves to make outings in the context of sport leisure and evangelization to attract other young people to come to Jesus Christ. This is how the youth of the Bukavu circuit in the District of Uvira have planned to go to the football game in Kavumu, located 27 kilometres from the city of Bukavu, and take the opportunity to raise awareness among young people in this community about the prevention of Cholera in this part of the province of South Kivu. One of the victims of the accident on 16 January 2018, thirty two young people from Bukavu organized themselves to meet the other young people in Kavumu, just en route, they experienced a traffic accident, one of the buses that carried These thirty two young people turned upside down, as the young adult Gaspard Idriss who accompanied these young people to Kavumu testifies. Idriss states that out of the thirty two youngsters: six seriously injured their arms, four light wounded and two lost their knowledge on the spot. The wounded youth were taken to the Panzi General Hospital for Care. Dr. Surgeon LUHIRIRI NDANDA of the hospital of Panzi asked that all these young people go through the X-ray to see if actually they have known other fractures at the body level, among the serious wounded we have:

  1. EKOKO BASILWANGO (23-year-old girl)
  2. CLAIRE MAONYO (18-year-old girl)
  3. FARADJA WANGWABO (22-year-old girl)
  4. KIRINDO Mapenda (17-year-old girl)
  5. DADU RAMAZANI (16-year-old girl)
  6. JOEL BASILWANGO (young boy 18 years old)

Dr Damascus Loshima, youth coordinator of the Kivu Annual Conference (Photo by Philippe lover) youth coordinator in Kivu the young worker Damascus LUSHIMA said he was very concerned and did everything to make these young people find a Quality treatment because they are gone for the work of the Lord, Lushima adds that if there is a way to transfer these young people elsewhere so that they can have a quality treatment we will do it and we seek the involvement of all because among These young people there are also the orphans, for Pastor Esther FURAHA, whose two children are among the six who experienced these arm-level injuries and who accompanied the young people for their mission, asks everyone to mobilize for these young people to find A health recovery. The bus that experienced the accident (photo by Philippe lover) The young adult Germain MUPASI who is the youth representative of Congo at the World Youth Division presented his fraternal mercies in Jesus Christ on behalf of the World Division of Young people and making a call to all young people to help them because these young people were on a mission to serve our God finally to make nations disciples for the transformation of this world, Germain MUPASI adds that he is of heart with these young missionaries D e God. Philippe KITUKA Lover is the communicator of the KIVU Annual conference