Opening of the 6th session of the Congo's annual conference is

26 juillet 2018 Par Chadrack Londe

Bishop. Unda Yap Gabriel presiding over the work of the 6th annual Congo East Conference. Photo. Hammanna Londe [/caption] The work of the 6th session of the annual Congo East Conference was officially opened this Tuesday at Kindu by the Bishop of the Episcopal region of Congo east. The work takes place at the local church Tokolote motorcycle moto in the ecclesiastical District of Kindu north. Chaired by Bishop UNDA Yap Gabriel, the opening of these assizes was attended by the political and administrative authorities of the Maniema, among them the interim governor of Maniema (the Minister of the Interior), the deputy mayor of the city and the Mayor of the commune of Mikelenge. Cult opening themes of the preaching of the day: "Prayer is the weapon of a Christian" after making summaries of the readings made in Isaiah 61:1-4, Acts 2:41-42, Luke 4:18-19, the preacher of the day, Mgr. Unda Yap Gabriel, denounced the behavior of some people who still want to accuse each other. He says that the bishop is not here to receive charges. He says that pastors no longer pray to ask God and get a person's change of behaviour. It is no longer time to accuse our neighbour. Instead of wasting our energy on accusations, it would be best if we could concentrate on the reconstruction of the church. In three years, we will achieve 100 years, we must grow and avoid accusations to destroy others. You who are accused often, you also have to do a conscience test so that you can change. Moreover if we had the Congrégationniste system which consists in the election of the pastors by the churches, many of the pastors could not have an assignment. You must pray for others, pray for their change, we must send a good prayer to our fellows. We must also pray for those who run this country or anyone who has responsibilities wherever we are. I said in Kisangani, those who accuse others with the bishop, what do they expect in principle? What do you expect? That the bishop loves you only and not the others? I have all your letters of indictment. I promise you that if you accuse someone in the hope that it will be changed by the bishop, I will not change it. What do you want with the finish? That I can bring it where this person is still going to destroy? On the other hand, I could afford to move the one you throw flowers to change where things don't work. This is to urge you to avoid unsubstantiated accusations. If you do not give to God, if you do not pray, things can not change. I pray very much that in the next conferences we can come to the conference with Zero dossier. We must avoid accusing ourselves unjustly. This behavior is becoming more and more widespread. If the leader is not wise, he may hunt everyone with the unfounded accusations. We must pray that this conference is a model and that it can prepare for the next conference. Do not seek to get the exclusion of your loved one, because you yourself can not work anywhere. It is the contribution of each one that allows us to advance the work of God. It is only what we plant that we are going to reap. You can't plant the rice and hope to harvest the corn. Our God is a miracle, he can put in someone the unusual intelligence. At the time of wired phones, a madman was walking a piece of wood as a telephone to communicate. People made fun of him thinking that it couldn't be possible. Today, we can communicate with cordless phones, as if to say that the madman foreshadowed the invention of cordless phones. God knows how it makes everyone. By giving work to someone, God knows where the latter's wisdom will come to manage the responsibilities that have been given to him. So let's not despise anyone in everything he does. Everything you have heard and not heard that the Saint is doing so that you can change. God bless His Word Amen Opening ceremony in his opening speech Bishop UNDA called on the DRC's electoral powerhouse to multiply awareness and extension sessions of the voting machine that the Bishop calls * printer * in Every corner of the province of Maniema. In his capacity as Moderator of the national ECC, Mgr. Unda officially denied the affiliation of Protestants to a political party that would have been created on behalf of religious denominations. Bishop. Unda has finally launched a message of peace to the entire population of Maniema and DRC. He asks everyone to pray for the authorities so that they have the wisdom to manage the people of God. Dr. Grandpa Ochieng, Minister of the Interior and security of the Maniema province and interim governor. Photo Hammanna Londe. /Caption The Minister of the Interior who assumes the duties of the interim governor, called on the Church to pray for the electoral process in the DRC.

Address by MGR UNDA Yap Gabriel, l'eveque of the ECC/81st C.M.U.C.E., at the annual conference 2017-2018 a KINDU Excellency Governor of the Province of Maniema Reverend District Superintendents, Reverends, members of the Conference Annual, ladies and gentlemen the lay delegates, distinguished guests, to your titles and qualifications any protocol that is respected, on behalf of our Episcopal region of the Congo, is, at first glance, important to us to fulfil a threefold and pleasant moral duty. Above all, we wish you collectively the warm welcome here at Kindu where the foundation of this annual conference 2017-2018 will be held. It is time to sympathize with the pastors and lay delegates from other parts of the city of Kindu for having made a long journey on the road, canoe, foot or other means; It is the same and especially of our brother coming from the USA to participate with us in these assizes. We then naturally express our heartfelt thanks to God, our heavenly Father, who offers us every year the opportunity to gather together to evaluate the accomplishment of the tasks he has entrusted to us in his field. Read the rest of Bishop's speech. Unda Yap Gabriel

Work of the conference after a short break, the actual assizes began with the verification of the Quorum of the delegates. This activity continued until the evening at 6 p.m. End of the day. Other announcements The annual conference of the Congo is honored by the participation of:-Mr. GEORGES HOWARD, director of the GENERAL BOARD of GLOBAL Ministries who came from the USA. -Dr. Jacqueline LOHAHE, who deals with the preparations for the centennial of the United Methodist Church in Congo East. These guests take full part in the sittings of the 6th session of the Congo East Annual conference. The annual Congo East Conference is one of the three conferences of the Eastern Congo Episcopal region. Located in the Province of Maniema (east of Dr Congo), the CACE is composed of 7 Districts including Kindu North and south, Kalima, Kam-Samba, Punica, Tunda and Kibombo. More than 300 delegates take part in these 2018.