Second day of the annual conference of the Congo is: hearing of the reports

29 juillet 2018 Par Chadrack Londe

Dr Philippe Okonda, lay leader of the annual Congo conference is presenting the report. In the foreground, Bishop UNDA Yap President The foundation of the 6th session of the Congo Annual conference is 2018. Photo by Hammanna Londe. /Caption   Open this Tuesday, July 24th, the work of the 6th session of the Congo East Annual conference continued on Wednesday and are on their second day. The Assizes are held at the local church of Tokolote Motomoto and are presided over by Bishop Unda Yap, a lifelong bishop of the United Methodist Church in the eastern Congo. The brief morning exhortation was made by Rev. Alembo of the local church of Mapenda de Basoko. He drew his preaching in the books of Luke 9:16, Daniel 12:1-2, 1 John 4:20-21. The theme is: Will your report be accepted before God and in front of the faithful? Reporting the following reports were submitted by the delegates:

  • Report of District superintendents submitted by the DS Hilaire Kibatuli;
  • The report of the project department submitted by Reverend Obuobi Ding;
  • The Health coordination report presented by Dr Philippe Okonda;

Mr. George HOWARD from the USA also placed a note on the activities of GBGM in the Congo. The annual Congo East Conference is one of the three conferences of the Eastern Congo Episcopal region. Located in the Province of Maniema (east of Dr Congo), the CACE is composed of 7 Districts including Kindu North and south, Kalima, Kam-Samba, Punica, Tunda and Kibombo. More than 300 delegates take part in these 2018. Find photos of the day on this Facebook album 1 Facebook 2