Second Day of the Kivu Annual Conference: Reporting

15 juin 2019 Par Jolie Shabani


On the second day of the annual Kivu Conference, the day began with a meditation by the Vv. Mr. Kingombe. The latter drew his preaching in the Gospels according to Matthew 26:6-13 and Luke 7:44-45. In his preaching, the V.R. Kingombe stressed the importance of the offering. From the woman who offered Jesus the parfaim to Samuel's mother, the preacher says that all these people first gave or made a commitment to give before receiving the blessings. After the woman could offer and anoint Jesus with a very dear perfaim, she received blessings without being able to ask for them. Jesus had thus uttered a few sentences of blessings in favor of this woman. Here are the six blessings the woman had received from Jesus Christ: 1. Jesus Christ defended the woman "Why are you hurting this woman?", 2. Jesus gives the interpretation of the woman's gesture "She did a good deed towards me" 3. Jesus thinks that the woman is preparing her funeral "By spreading this perfume on my body, she did it for my burial" 4. Jesus saw this gesture as an opportunity to speak of the woman to infinity "I tell you in truth, wherever this good news is preached, in the whole world, we will also tell in memory of this woman what she did" 5. Jesus forgave the sins of the woman. He told the woman your sins are forgiven, 6. Jesus asked the woman to go away in peace: Go in peace. As the prophet Isaiah announced, he is the prince of peace. I tell you in truth, from this word of Jesus, the offering is of paramount importance and is better than prayer. The woman never made any pleas to Jesus, she only offered him a parfaim, that is from which the woman got all these favors. You should know that when you ask God, you must know how to give him. Or think first to give to God before asking. During this meditation, the Superintendent of the District of Goma, DS OMOLE introduced the team of the Samaria Church who mobilized funds to modernize this local church. Pastor Germain Masinda of this local church, Lay Chief Cyrille Ngandu, President of Finance Colonel Guy Umba and mother Olela Okako. Together with the other faithful of the local church, they managed to raise $5,020. He noted the important contribution of Mum Olela.

Bishop Unda Quorum Check and Speech

After the meditation, the work of the 7th session of the Annual Conference of Kivu began with the verification of the quorum by the roll call of the delegates. After this operation, it turned out that 85.1% of the delegates increased their presence. Bishop Unda delivered its keynote address at the Annual Conference of Kivu. In this speech, the Bishop of the Eastern Congo Episcopal Region deplored the increasing number of deaths from Ebola virus disease in eastern Congo. This is why preventive precautions have been taken to prevent the spread. An important hand-washing device has been installed at the entrance to the local church.

Hearing reports:

The hearing of the reports began with the narrative report of the social works and Tabitha group presented by the Rde. I'm Omoy Henriette. In summary, this report, it can be remembered that mothers continue with the manufacture of baskets and Bave Chlore in Goma, the activities of the home continue well in Beni, always in Beni the mothers continue to brew jules of pastoral glues, they make table covers, they rent wedding veils for their recipes. Women make Cakes in Fizi, in Uvira women make soap, blouses and shirts and want to make baskets. With regard to the Tabitha group, which has been in existence since 2016, in all four districts of the annual Kivu conference, several activities have been carried out. Among these we can note the evangelism House by House, paying for the schooling of some children, agriculture, widows continue to help each other. They have set up an initiative and a father comes to their aid through the project "Responses to the stress of widowed women to the death of their spouses" The Health Activity Report was also presented during this conference by Dr. Claude Watukalusu . Other reports have also been presented and adopted and sent to committee proceedings, such as: – Report of the College of Superintendents presented by the Rve. Ezechiel Mate; – Report of secular activities presented pa Jean-Claude Lumbadisha; – Narrative report of evangelism presented by the Rve. I'm Ezechiel Mate. – Pensioners' report presented by Mr Kizibisha Musombwa. The Annual Conference of Kivu was honored by the visit of the President of the ECC in South Kivu, the former senator, Bishop. Jean-Luc Kuye-Ndondo wa Mulimera. He even prayed for the work to be completed before going on a break.