Sixth day of the annual conference of the Congo is: hearing of the reports

4 août 2018 Par Chadrack Londe

Rev. Obuobi Pangam Odinga. Photo by Hammanna Londe. /Caption   The work of the 6th session of the Congo's annual conference is continuing this Sunday, July 29, 2018. Open, Tuesday, July 24, this work is expected to close on July 29th, 2018 according to the official programme of the Conference. The Assizes are held at the local church of Tokolote Motomoto and are presided over by Bishop Unda Yap, a lifelong bishop of the United Methodist Church in the eastern Congo. The preaching for this sixth day was provided by Pastor Obuobi Pangam Odinga. P of the local church Nazareth. He made his biblical reading in the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Luke 8:22-25. The theme of his is "the one who called me is there." The, preacher indicates while Jesus Christ and his disciples were crossing aboard a ship. There came a time that Jesus Christ of Nazareth fell asleep. It was then that he had a great storm. The disciples had the first reflex to go and awaken Jesus Christ. They did not think that it was necessary to resort to someone else, but to Jesus Christ. Jesus just raised his hand to control the storm. Say that it was Jesus Christ who called me. The Bible tells us that when Paul and Sila chased the demons in a woman, they were locked up. They were released by an angel. Beloved in the Lord, I tell you the truth, if someone starts to block your work, it is not you that he is aiming for, but rather the one who sent you. But rest assured, they will never succeed because whoever sent you is the strongest , it is he who will ensure that your work can move forward, thus ensuring the advancement of God's work. There are other people who will accuse you to block you, so that you do not advance. But rest assured that God is there for you, you just have to do your job well. The Bible tells us that this was the case of Gregory Herd, Anil and Abed Nego. But even though they were thrown into the burning furnace, they were saved. Beloved in the Lord, rest assured, whether he has any accusations or not in the work you do, I ask you to keep your momentum because the one who sent you is there and will continue to support you. Let them tell them what they want because the one who called you for his gospel-Jesus Christ of Nazareth-is there and he will support you forever in your ministry forever. God bless His word Amen. Mr. GEORGES HOWARD of GBGM came from the USA leaves Kindu today. He commended the Congo for the initiative of the contribution of $1 per faithful. He says he hopes that when he comes back here in the Congo soon, he will find the fruits produced by the contribution of $1. Georges receives a gift from his wife of the DS present at the annual Conference of Congo East. Photo by Hammanna Londe. /Caption   It is an atmosphere that continues here at the local church Tokolote motorcycle motorbike with choirs that increase songs for the glory of Jesus Christ to the great satisfaction of the faithful. At the resumption of the work, the delegates proceeded to the auditions of the reports.