Third day of the annual conference of the Congo is: hearing of the reports

30 juillet 2018 Par Chadrack Londe

Judith OSONGO Yanga, director of the Communication Department of the East Congo Episcopal region. Photo by Hammanna Londe. /Caption   The work of the 6th session of the Congo's annual conference is continuing this Thursday, July 26, 2018. Open, Tuesday, July 24, this work is expected to close on July 29, 2018. The Assizes are held at the local church of Tokolote Motomoto and are presided over by Bishop Unda Yap, a lifelong bishop of the United Methodist Church in the eastern Congo. Cult of openness in his preaching entitled Let us recall from others, Pastor pensioner Lobobo Kitee made his reading in the Book of 2 Samuel 9:1-8. The preacher says that SII we do not remember between us, the church is not going to move forward. Whether it is during difficulties or joy we must be close to each other, we must not forget ourselves. We need to see what is not moving forward. Today we want to awaken you, you must not forget the retired pastoralists, the widows, the widowers, the orphans… We have to remember the others. It should not be forgotten that everyone can become a widower or widower, or even pastors who can become pensioners. We have to remember the others, as was the case of David. The preacher tells the story of a village in which the youth and the local chief had decided to exterminate all the old people of the village. Among these young people, one hid his daddy in the woods. One day the snake hung on the figure of the village chief, the young people did not know how to save the village chief where still kill the snake without incident. They were deprived of the strategies to save the village chief. It was then that the young man who had hidden his father had him intervene to save the village chief. Yes, Dad used the flag. As the snakes love the toad, seeing it only, the serpent is jumped on the toad and leaves the village chief. We must act as was the case of King David with the House of Saul. For the third day, the following reports were presented:

  • Report of the Education Monitoring Committee presented by the Reverend Hilaire Kibatuli;
  • Report of the Department of Christian Education presented by the Reverend Paul name;
  • Report of the legal department presented by the Reverend Celestine Nancy;
  • Report of the Department of Communication presented by Sister Judith Osongo;
  • Several delegates also made the return of their trip to various countries. This is the DS Kalema Tambwe who made the return on the trip to Accra, the DS Mulamba Diowo who made the restitution on his participation in the National Conference of the ECC, Jean Tshomba, coordinator of UMCOR has brushed on his trip to Kigali; The Methodist women's coordinator, Reverend Véronique Brenda, made the return of their trip to Mozambique; Dr. Freddy Yap talked about his trip to the Zambabwe.

The work was suspended at 1 p.m. to allow delegates to go and eat. More photos of the day in this album Facebook