Third day of the Kivu Annual Conference: Sacrament and Report Presentation

16 juin 2019 Par Jolie Shabani

Before the work of the Annual Conference of Kivu continued this Sunday, all the delegates and faithful of the local Samaria Church service gathered for Sunday worship. They continued with the Annual Conference at around 3 p.m. (GMT -2).

Meditation "Put your hope in Jesus Christ"

This Sunday's worship saw the preaching of Bishop Unda Yemba. He drew his sermon in the books of John 5:1-9 and Esae 43:1-4.In his preaching, Bishop Unda challenged the faithful to always act in favor of the good. He said, we must not be the obstacle to the development of others. He said, all those who are suffering today, that they know that one day Jesus Christ will pass where are to take them from the bottom up. This is the example of this patient who had already spent more than 38 years of paralysis, but he has not given up hope. One day it was Jesus who came to him to heal him. Jesus told him, what do you want me to do for you? After the latter's explanations, Jesus told him take your bed and walk. Today there are people who do everything to put others in difficulties, to cause problems to other people. But I tell you, the Bible encourages you to continue to do so and the day will come that you will suffer the same fate. If you don't want to suffer the same fate, there's still time to change. Bishop. UNDA also said in his preaching that Jesus did not look who this person was to cure her, nor did he have any recommendations to cure her. Let us put our faith in Jesus Christ. We must also avoid discrimination in our surroundings. Jesus did not discriminate against him to heal. After organizing an offering for our Pygmy Brothers of BENI, the sacrament was organized. Clothes and money have been donated and will be distributed to the pygmies of Beni. During this worship, Bishop Unda presented a diploma to the young Philippe Lolonga who took an online training on oeucumenism. Philippe Lolonga was the only young person from the Central Conference of Congo to have passed the competition to take this training. According to Bishop Unda, this young man is the pride of our Episcopal region with this award.


The following reports were presented and adopted. These are: – Ecumenism Report, – Education Report, – Religion and Race Report, – Heritage Report, – Project And Development Report, – Communication Report, – Conference Course Report. The floor was given to Collins Echi Ako, the missionary of GBGM in the Episcopal Region of Eastern Congo. He spoke on three concepts: – Nim: National In Mission: the duration of this NIM is 3 years and can be extended to 6 years. He called on the church to think about the post NIM, because after that period. You have to work and produce results when you receive the NIM. – Advance is a program that involves parishioners supporting the work in Africa. This requires the results. Donors must have the results on what their money has done. That's why you have to write real stories. – the project: honesty in fund management. You should know that those who give the money know whether a project is being implemented or not. Coordinating requests, avoiding similar projects from the same conference. The work was closed with the presentation of Dr. Damas Lushima, the new General Health Coordinator of the Eastern Congolese Episcopal Region, to the delegates of the Annual Conference of Kivu.